Joseph, When I Think of 6…

I’ll think that this year went by too fast.

Maybe it’s that you’ve hit so many big moments, like losing your first tooth and learning to read.  The reading still amazes me because, unlike your sister, who sort of decoded over time, you just one day seemed to flip a switch and BAM!, started reading anything and everything you laid your eyes on.


Mostly, you lay your eyes on every book that Mo Willems has ever written.

Maybe – – OK, most likely – – it’s that your brother is in the last throes of the terrible twos, ordering us all around all day long, yelling and tantrumming until our heads spin.  That sure makes time go by fast!

About a year ago you broke my nose at the playground.  Remember that?  You swung your head back as I was looking at your brother and when you hit me, you knocked me back over 15 feet!

And you still flip around the house dancing and jumping and landing, telling me, “See, I didn’t hurt myself!”

But now there is a stillness to you when you play with Legos, or hatch a plan with Molly to have dessert for breakfast.  A lot has changed.

What hasn’t changed is your big heart.  And your sweet disposition.  No matter what, whenever anyone asks how something is, your answer is always, “It’s the best!” I hope you never lose that.  And although I worry it might end up a little worse for wear, I am so happy to have a kid that wears his heart on his sleeve.

Happy 7th, you sweet little man.






Joseph, When I Think of 5…


Birthday Ninjas

I will see Daddy’s mini-me, and laugh at how many times strangers pointed it out to us.

My heart will be in my throat all over again as you spontaneously jump up and flip, roll, cartwheel, handstand, headstand and dance across the floor. Across the couch. Across the counter. Down the entire flight of stairs.  Off my bed.  Into the tub.  Out of the back of our minivan.

I’ll try to remember whether it was this year that your romance with Star Wars started, you became a secret reader like your sister, and you first felt “shy”. It was.

I’ll hear you call for a “Family Hug!” and even though you sometimes squeeze too tight, I’ll love every minute of that hug. I really love those family hugs!

I will smell the dewy baby sweat that you still sometimes get, especially after you dance “woopnam gangnam style”.  I’ll suck it in, breathing deep, thinking how pure it is.

I’ll taste those “heavenly” P & S Ravioli that Aunt Sue made for you that Sunday and wish we were all still around her table.

I’ll hold your little hand when it searches for my belly as you get sleepy during books, smile down at you as you whisper how much you love it, and try to love myself the way that you do.

I’ll try not to yell, “STOP MENACING YOUR BROTHER!”, because, the truth us, while you are The Scooch, he totally deserves it.

You bring so much love to all of us.  I am so glad that you were born.


When I Think of 4…


I will think of this moment.  Body in motion, a homemade crown worn for weeks and months, boogying around the house, daydreaming about…

Super Mario

Angry Birds

Your elephants



Visiting our cousins

The beach

Being a ninja

Dancing to anything loud and fast

Being a superhero

And I will miss it.  But I cannot wait to see what 5 brings.