OCNJ 2015 Easter Ticket Sales


Gearin’ up for the Shore

Here’s the info. for this year’s ticket sales at Castaway Cove and Wonderland Pier:


Castaway Cove’s annual Easter 1/2 Price Ticket Sale runs March 28 -April 12.
Walk-up sales 12-5 p.m. daily or order here online.

This year you can purchase tickets for mini-golf (5 passes for $22), the Speedway (5 passes for $20), or Castaway Cove (40 tickets for $20).


It does not say how long the sale will last.

Tickets can be purchased online at Gillians.

Ticket prices are as follows:

1 book of 25 Ride Tickets $10.00







Can You Guess Who Molly’s Superhero is?


We participated in a Superhero themed 5K/1K fun run this weekend.  Our kids were asked to invite a buddy to run/walk with them.  Here is a mid-way shot of a cape Molly made for one of her heroes.

Can you guess who she is (Hint:  those are a stack of books)?  Thank you to our wonderful, encouraging, children’s librarian!  Eden Unger Bowditch says it best: “LIBRARIANS ARE HEROES! You are the gatekeepers who show us the maps to incredible journeys and fabulous adventures in the worlds of words.”


Hop to it, Ocean City Fans!


Are you thinking of those warm, salty, sunny days of summer down in Ocean City yet?

It’s OK.  You can!  And you should!  Summer has to come, right?

Pretend Mack and Manco’s never became Manco and Manco and that this never happened.

It’s time to get discounted tickets to Ocean City’s Wonderland, Castaway Cove, Adventure Island Water Park & Mini Golf and the newest addition to boardwalk fun:  Boardwalk Bounce (which is taking over the Strand at 900 Boardwalk.)

Here’s the information for 2014:

Water park, Mini golf, and Boardwalk Bounce tickets are AVAILABLE here NOW!



Castaway Cove’s annual Easter 1/2 Price Ticket Sale runs April 12-27.
Walk-up sales 12-5 p.m. daily or order here online.

Prices for books aren’t listed on their site but last year books of 40 tickets were $20.


Gillian’s online Easter sale runs April 11-20.

Tickets can be purchased in person at Gillian’s Wonderland Pier, 6th Street & Boardwalk, and at their downtown location located inside Stainton’s, A Gallery of Shops, 810 Asbury Avenue between the hours of 12-5:00 p.m.

Tickets can also be purchased online at www.gillians.com.

Ticket prices are as follows:
One (1) book of 25 Ride Tickets $10.00

Remember, water park and golf tickets are no longer available through gillians.com.   Please click the water park and golf link above to get those tickets.





The Blessing of the House


We had a visit from Nana and Grandpop, who traveled a whole day each way to get to us.  They were our first visitors in the new house.  It was a wonderful break.  Joe took off from work and we used the visit as an opportunity to stop housework for a few days.

Each kid got lots of attention from each parent and grandparent.

JohnJohn learned some new words like “LET GO!” (although I wouldn’t necessarily have used that with Nana ;)) and “boo boo” and “hug”.

The kids got new toys (how does that happen?).  We ate some great meals together in our kitchen and had lots of toasts to gratitude for the visit and to us making a happy home.  We even trouble-shot some minor issues with the house (thanks, Mom and Dad!).

Although we couldn't quite agree on whether these original doors (from the 1700s) were special or crappy!

Although we couldn’t quite agree on whether these original doors (from the 1800s?) were “charming” or “crappy”!

We laughed a lot!  We loved having them.  And it makes me wish we lived closer even though they’re happiest living in the City and we’re happiest living in the Country.

Have you noticed how hard it is to go back to routine after a visit with loved ones?  We’re all a little down today.

It's even raining so I thought I'd share this rose we planted that opened while Nana and Pop were here.  See the thorns?  So metaphorical.

It’s even raining! So I thought I’d share this rose that we planted that opened while Nana and Pop were here. See the thorns? So metaphorical.

Molly, the toughest of my cookies, even cried a little bit last night.  So, I’m sitting under the patience sign that my pal sent me to keep me focused a few years ago, looking up the definition of “blessing”.  Because if a blessing is something that promotes or contributes to happiness, well-being, or prosperity, then that is what happened here this week.

My Husband Walked Around With Puke on his Shoe for 2 Days; How’s Your Life Going?

Not exactly "sexting" or whatever the kids are doing these days

Not exactly “sexting” or whatever the kids are doing these days

Here’s the latest from my inbox.  In the midst of the chaos of our move (so much harder than any of our last 7 – – JohnJohn I’m looking at you) my husband, as usual, has found some humor.  Really, its why we are still married.

Found Art

Molly and I had a little “girl time” recently.  When I went to take a picture of the baby this morning, I found this on my phone:

These little piggies make me very happy.

These little piggies make me very happy.

Finding hidden treats like this makes my day.  And this particular photo reminds me of how lucky I am to have a buddy who likes to do the things I like to do.  I am grateful to have a girl who is so confident in herself.

She designed the nail polish pattern that you see.  Two of the women in the salon, inappropriately, questioned her about it (more than once), telling her “one color was good” and “pink is better”.  I would have stepped in, seeing as how she is only 6, but Molly stuck to her guns, confident that she looked awesome.  She was polite, but adamant, that if one color was good, two was better.

In fact, Molly was so pleased with the outcome that she took over a dozen photos from a bunch of different angles.  I love that girl!

What do you love about your kids today?