Welcome to Gorgeous Little Thieves!

My husband, Joe, and I fell madly, head-over-heels, crazy-in-love our last year of college back in 1996 and have been married for over 15 years.  Most of the people who knew us in college thought we’d never make it for we are, in many ways, each others’ opposite.  That being said, we seem to have all the “important stuff” in common.

Since getting together we have spent a year volunteering in the rural South, gotten married, each graduated from professional school in a major Northeast City, worked our first jobs, moved to the rural Midwest, taken our second jobs, cared for my father as he was dying of cancer, moved again to the rural East Coast — along with many other milestones of life.  We have had a lot of fun so far together and shared many adventures.

Our latest adventure is having our kids, Molly, Joseph & JohnJohn.  We love them dearly but they have vastly changed our lives.  They have taken a lot!  But nothing compared to what they give us.  This blog is about life with them and with each other.  In particular it is about our latest challenge in choosing to educate them “at home”.

I hope you enjoy it.



9 thoughts on “About

  1. Jes-

    I really enjoy reading about your adventures with your kids. Sounds like homeschooling is going swimmingly well. That’s great. Hope to see you guys at some point when we are back east.



    • Janice! Thanks so much for the comment. I am happy to hear you are reading! So far, so good! I hope we see you guys too. Your brother and Rachel can’t seem to shake us. Jess

  2. Fitz!!
    Your blog is great. I have a 13 week old daughter and a 19 month old son. Your insights and experiences are really interesting.
    It’s wonderful to see you’re doing so well since our days at Melville.

    • Jay! Thanks for the comment! And for reading. How did you find me? What a small world! Congrats on your baby girl (and your son). Molly and Joseph are 19 months apart. What a handful! I hope you and your family are happy and well too. Jess

      • Hey Jess,
        Be honest–who was the last person to call you “Fitz”? 🙂
        I just Googled you. It took a minute.
        Didn’t you transfer out of Melville before your senior year? If I remember, you went to Sacred Heart—or something along those lines.
        It’s great to see you and your family doing so well. I’m in Great Neck with my wife and the kids–Tyler and Amelia, and I’m a sole practitioner doing mostly real estate closings and lawsuits. Challenging stuff, but I love being on my own.
        Hope you have a great weekend.

      • I do have to admit, I was pretty shocked to see that nickname! I don’t think I have been called that in over 15 years! I actually left after 8th grade but I cannot believe you remember the school! That’s a lot of exclamation points but I really was (pleasantly) surprised. I worked on my own for a bit too and it was great. So glad to hear you are thriving and happy. I hope you have a great Father’s Day. Lots to celebrate! Thanks again for letting me know you’re out there! Jess

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