The Romeikes can Stay

This post is for anyone interested in the fate of the Romeike family that I wrote about last year.

Yesterday, the United States Supreme Court declined to hear the Romeike’s appeal, which effectively ended their legal battle here.  They would have, thus, had to return to Germany.  However, according to the HSLDA, which represented them:

The Department of Homeland Security verbally informed Home School Legal Defense Association that the Romeike family is being granted indefinite deferred action status. The Department told HSLDA that this meant the order of removal would not be acted on and that the Romeikes could stay.

Although I am happy for the Romeikes that they are able to stay in the U.S., I am still concerned about the issues this case raises for all parents.  As I wrote in my post:

The case matters, however, because at its heart lies the question of whether we, as parents, religious or not, homeschooling or not, may raise our children according to our own consciences, without interference from the state.  Who has ultimate authority over your child’s education, you or Uncle Sam?


What do you think?

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