Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Here are 5 Valentine’s Links for You

I consider myself one of the lucky ones.  I have always loved Valentine’s Day.  Ever since I can remember, my parents (and especially my Dad) would leave little notes or treats for my 4 siblings and me to celebrate this day.  Nothing crazy.  Nothing dramatic.  Nothing expensive.  Just a little reminder that we were loved.  And worth loving.

Today, as I think of the gift that my parents gave me in crafting Valentine’s the way they did, I wanted to share these links with you.

May you find love today, and really every day, wherever you go.

Even in the Boric Acid you are using to kill the ants that infested your house between closing and move-in.

Even in the Boric Acid you are using to kill the ants that infested your house between closing and move-in.

1. Here’s a  recipe for Almost-Famous Homemade Conversation Hearts.  Totally worth the time!

2.  This is a wonderful piece by Lynn Ungar on making Valentine’s Day a day “to practice love not so much as a feeling but as a choice, a discipline, a practice. You could start with the conviction that everyone certainly needs love, and the possibility that everyone deserves it. Not because they have earned it, not because they are loveable, but because each of us is capable of being an instrument of grace, which is another name for the love that we don’t have to earn or deserve.”

3.  If you think Valentine’s Day is gruesome now, check out this brief video from

4.  Have you ever thought about writing a love letter to a complete stranger?  Well, here’s your chance.  More Love Letters creates bundles of letters for a person in need of some love. They run campaigns where anyone who wishes to contribute writes to the same person and that person gets a big stack of love letters.  You can nominate a friend in need or write a letter.  Check it out. Volunteer once or many times.  It’s an easy way to add love to world.  And listen to this while you write:

5.  Lastly, take a moment to read this poem by Walt Whitman.  It makes me think of my sweet, sweet husband.  Who does it make you think of today?
A glimpse through an interstice caught,
Of a crowd of workmen and drivers in a bar-room around the stove late of a winter night, and I unremark’d seated in a corner,
Of a youth who loves me and whom I love, silently approaching and seating himself near, that he may hold me by the hand,
A long while amid the noises of coming and going, of drinking and oath and smutty jest,
There we two, content, happy in being together, speaking little, perhaps not a word.

What do you think?

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