Kitchen Renovation Days #7 and #8


Sure. He looks cute. But does this guy have ANY idea what he’s doing?

We discover that our “antique” kitchen floorboards probably had their antique-ness sanded down to bare wood about 35 years ago.

We debate the merits of Gold Coast White vs. Antique White (vs. Antique Beige vs. Kentucky Custard vs. Capri Sunset….)

We try to decide whether to fill the giant cracks between those boards because they gross me out.  Any idea how much mystery material can accumulate in quarter inch gap between two floorboards?  Let me tell you, it’s quite a bit!  I blame my gross kids.  Is Lexel the answer?  Is the incredible amount of snot coming out of all three children’s noses (what a cold they have!) the miracle wood-filler we’re looking for?

Should I call child protective services because my husband is letting my seven year-old daughter sand floorboard edges with a Fein MultiMaster?


We were totally supervising the entire time, Mom, I promise.


What do you think?

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