Kitchen Renovation Day #1


We decided to renovate our kitchen in our new old house.  After getting several quotes and talking about quality of products and labor, my do-it-his-own-damn-self husband convinced me that, even with his full time job, he would do a better and faster job than anyone we could hire.  Plus, the work would be less expensive.  AND, he would include the kids.  It would be a total learning experience.  I agreed (I blame all those delicious whiskey sours with my in-laws).

Here’s the team ripping out the old kitchen.  And finding an entire mouse city under the cabinets.


2 thoughts on “Kitchen Renovation Day #1

  1. Look forward to seeing the progress. We are considering updating our countertops and kitchen sink in the next 6 months, so I’d love to hear what you decided on and why! I know your hubby loves to cook as much as I do!

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