Did Anyone Notice AmazonSmile? Just in Time for the Holidays!

I have been a loyal Amazon customer ever since we lived in the Midwest, when Target was about 2-hours away.  Those days of 300+ inches of snow, pregnancies and newborns made it a no-brainer!  I don’t shop there as much as I used to, but today, as I started my Christmas shopping, I noticed a new program called “AmazonSmile”.  How have I not heard of this before?


AmazonSmile is a website operated by Amazon that lets customers donate 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to a charitable organization of their choice.

It costs you and the non-profit nothing, and it’s just like shopping on Amazon normally, but it donates every time you shop.

You can change your charity at any time and search for or suggest new ones too!  I found The Keweenaw Family Resource Center when I searched, a small non-profit very near and dear to my heart!

Snowball fight, Yooper Style.  Pregnant with Jospeh, I culd barely get back up after Molly threw her snow!

Molly’s first snowball fight, Yooper Style.
Pregnant with Joseph, I could barely get back up after Molly threw her snow!

Items that are eligible for the donations will be marked as such on their product pages.  Unfortunately for crazy Amazon shoppers like me, Subscribe-and-Save purchases and renewals don’t count.

The only drawback is that you have to access the site via smile.amazon.com.

Here is a link to the FAQ about AmazonSmile.

If you’re a charitable organization and would like to be listed as a recipient, start here.

Obviously, this is a great marketing move on Amazon’s part, but a donation is a donation.  I sure wish they had this when I was a professional fundraiser!  I know what a difference even a small donation can make.

As one commenter on another piece announcing the program wrote, “Thank you Amazon for taking my monies and now making me feel good about it.”


What do you think?

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