An Adorable Moment to Remember

One night a few weeks ago Joseph and I walked into the kitchen to find JohnJohn sitting at the kitchen table wearing Joseph’s Stormtrooper costume.

Joseph exclaimed, “He is just TOO adorable”!

He is.  Isn't he?

He is. Isn’t he?

It’s hard to savor the present, to truly feel the familiarity that you might miss someday.

I hope this helps.


One thought on “An Adorable Moment to Remember

  1. Your blog is just too adorable!! Love it!! How are things? Miss you!! Bliss/work is going well, busier, love my new place, not exercising much- for me and my one older child, no excuses reasons. The last few weeks anyway, so I love your 40 blog. You rock, I would love to be able to do at least one or two of the races with you! Can you email, text, call, message, me some of the future ones you’re looking at, and maybe I can plan one out. I too need motivation at times. Right Now, sleep needs to be more of a priorty, for Me to do it more. (Don’t tell Joe- ha ha) I’m Doing better, just a lot to establish still. I wish you could come to ladies night this Friday! Take care! Let’s FaceTime or Skype soon!! Love, Ang

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