What Makes Small Children Nostalgic?


Turns out it’s the pleasure and sadness in remembering just two short days ago that makes young children nostalgic.

It’s been a very busy few weeks between my husband’s job, various projects of my own, and the caring, feeding and educating of our children.

The craziness, we hope, culminated in a long-awaited visit from two of our favorite people this past weekend.  What a break!  Aunt Patty and Uncle Rob came on Thursday and left yesterday.  We all agree the visit ended too soon, especially as JohnJohn misses them so much that he has been yelling “AUNT PATRICIA!”  and “ROB”  every time he re-remembers they left.

It’s very startling.

That bit of wistfulness hanging over our house today, though not entirely pleasant right now, turns out to be a good thing.  Nostalgia is another awesome tool in a toolbox of coping skills for life.  It’s evidence that you’re valued.  No questioning my kids are valued by those roadtrippers.  I hope they always remember that.

Here’s our question of the day:

Did one of the most careful women we know leave her coat, scarf, and yoga mat here on purpose so she’d have a reason to return?

Aunt Patty, you know you don’t need an excuse!


One thought on “What Makes Small Children Nostalgic?

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and ‘liking’ my latest post!

    Your post brings back memories of when I was young and aunts/uncles and grandparents coming to visit. Always was a great time, and sadly, over much too soon (in the opinion of all the kids).

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