JohnJohn, When I Think of 1…

I will remember the Big Mahoff, and his villain counterpart, The Puker.

I’ll see you dancing around on the soccer field in Joseph’s size-12 cleats, your Mickey shirt stained from too many wearings, kicking the ball like you belonged there.  You did pretty well!

I’ll reminisce with Daddy about your big paddle feet hanging over the couch, Ninjago playing, AGAIN.

I’ll smell blue bucky, and his smell will smell good, even though right now he just smells like sour milk and bad breath.

I’ll try to remember which way the saying goes, “long days and short years” or “short days and long years”.  I’ll pause.  Then smile with melancholy recognition.  Of course…long days and short, short years.

I’ll definitely recollect this with a smile:

You got  a problem with pink skates?

You got a problem with pink skates?

I’ll get tired all over again thinking of all that time chasing you and I’ll feel relief that you’ve figured out how to deal with all those emotions (you will have, won’t you?).

Of course I will have wished that time stood still today.  Except for the part where you woke up 9 times last night.  That, I would tweak.  Just a little.  But only if nothing else would change.

I’ll wish you were sitting across the counter from me eating your body weight in Piave and Parmigiano Reggiano.

I’ll wonder how much of it was a dream, and how much the snoozy haze of sleeplessness.

And I’ll think, Ahhh.  GOOD!

Daily Prompt: Standstill

For a moment today, time stands still — but you can tweak one thing while it’s stopped. What do you do?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us STILLNESS.


9 thoughts on “JohnJohn, When I Think of 1…

  1. I love this! My favorite post so far, for sure! As a photographer and the daughter of a painter, (my mother); I would do two things put others first more, and stop, breathe, take life in. I would be gracious and thankful. Thanks for this post! What great reminder. :-).

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