Sometimes the Best Teachers are Those That Don’t Teach

When we started homeschooling, I spent most of my time basically recreating school at home.  Lots of workbooks and formal lessons when I scheduled them.  I think that is a natural starting point for most of us, no?

We still use workbooks.  I still give formal lessons sometimes.  We work with many different kinds of teachers who teach us lots of different ways.  Formal teaching, for us at least, has huge value.

But I’m getting much more comfortable with the other side of learning:  If you trust your kids and expose them to the world, you don’t have to teach them everything.  Because the world is an awesome place.  And kids are naturally curious.  They want to learn.

Moreover, trying to “teach” kids everything you think they should learn, when you think they should learn it, doesn’t always get the job done and, in fact, sometimes inhibits learning.

We parents and teachers spend a lot of time thinking about what we need to teach our kids.  Maybe the exact content is getting too much attention. Shouldn’t teaching our kids how to teach themselves be our number one job?  We won’t always be there to give them the answers.  And, let’s be honest, sometimes we don’t even know them ourselves.

A great teacher produces students who can find their own great answers.


Can you find the love in these pictures?
I thought this nature walk was about leaves turning and animal habitats until my kids started pointing out all the hearts we found that day.
Lesson learned.


Daily Prompt: We Can Be Taught!

What makes a teacher great?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us GREATNESS.


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