How to Homeschool With 1 Sick Child (Plus a Great Bread Recipe)

JohnJohn is so sick today, throwing up like he likes to do.  He needs me to hold him, clean him, and cuddle him.  I cannot put him down.  So, I am largely out of commission to actually sit with the older kids as they do “work”.

At the beginning of the day I thought this post would be about how to homeschool with 1 sick child.  There are certainly some things I could share with you that we do that make it easier like 1) picking activities that don’t require mom’s hands or her to sit, or 2) cutting yourself some slack.  Sick days happen.

As the day wore on, though, I realized something important.  We “homeschooled” today just like we “homeschool” every day.

While I definitely prefer my kids healthy, days like this are great reminders that homeschooling isn’t about “helicoptering” a child’s learning.  And it is not about a parent/caretaker being a teacher (although I am hopeful that I teach them a lot).

It’s about giving your kids the tools to learn so that they can do it by themselves.  And then actually letting them do it.

My kids and I all have lists of tasks and activities every “work” day.  Depending on what each day brings, we add to or delete from our task lists.  We prioritize.  And then each of us is expected to get through our work, asking for help as needed and offering help too.

Joseph started the day with what he calls “hedgehog math”.  He grabbed a math workbook, cuddled up next to the fire, and did 9 pages with his beanbag on his back (like a hedgehog).


Little does he know I only would have asked him to do 4.

Molly asked to bake, which is something we are trying to do at least once a week together.  She’s competent enough to do it mostly on her own so I was able to bustle about with the baby offering help as needed (i.e., putting the pan in the oven).

She opted for King Arthur's Classic White Sandwich Bread.  Easy and delicious.

Is baking the perfect “school subject”? I think so. Baking teaches reading, addition, fractions, economics, chemistry, how to follow directions, nutrition, and patience (this recipe requires 2 hours of time to rise!).
In fact, what doesn’t it teach??


Here it is, finished.
Molly opted for King Arthur’s Classic White Sandwich Bread.
Make this and you’ll never need to buy bread again.

We’re all still in our pajamas, marching through our lists.  Sometimes together.  Sometimes alone.  Sometimes fast.  Sometimes slow.

And we’re taking lots of breaks for interruptions.  That’s life though, right?  Whether you homeschool or not.


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