What if I Miss Something?

“I’d just be worried that she wouldn’t learn enough.”

“What if they don’t have access to everything that they can get in school?”

“What makes you think you can homeschool?  What if you forget to teach something she needs to know?”

These are just a few of the things I have been asked and told this past year.  Now that school is back in session, “missing something” is almost a daily topic.

At the risk of sounding like Little Bill, here’s my answer:  SO?

What’s the capital of Idaho?  Where is Greece?  What is wisdom?  Where do tadpoles come from?  What is a verb?  Where does the word “philosophy” come from and what does it mean?  What is a tide and how does the moon affect it?  How much change will I get back from $10.00 when buying a treat at Claire’s.  Is it OK to steal?  Is it OK to steal food if you’re starving?  What are those pointy teeth in front of my mouth and why are they like a dog’s?  What are the biggest problems facing the world today?  Addition tables.  Subtraction tables.  Diving.  Kicking.  How do I get over anger?  Measuring.  Reading.  What makes us breathe?  What is a Right?  What do I do if I’m afraid?  Is bacon made from pig or chicken?

These are just a few of the things that we have talked and learned about this year.  You won’t find a lot of it in school textbooks or on standardized tests.  Does that make it less valuable?

We also learned that if you look for it, learning can happen anywhere and from almost anything.  SO WHAT!?

We also learned that if you’re interested, learning happens anywhere and from almost anything.

You know who I get the most support from as a homeschooler?  Teachers.

Because they know two things:  1) no matter how much they care and know, their hands have been tied by No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top, the Common Core State Standards Initiative and the general bureaucracy of public education; and 2) No education is perfect (even, and sometimes especially, if you’re in school).


What do you think?

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