What I Miss About My Niece


Helping out with a word

At our house we read together every night.  It’s my favorite time of day.  Usually, JohnJohn (who is into everything these days when he is awake) is asleep and Molly and Joseph cuddle right up to us on Molly’s bed.   We are (usually ;)) still, silent, and peaceful.

The kids are old enough that now we get to go on some real adventures with our books.  That’s the thing about reading:  if you can read, you can go anywhere and do anything.  What a gift.

My one niece, here with Molly, cuddled right up with us every night to read during her visit.  On her third night here she bravely offered to take a turn reading.  She clearly wanted to give it a try.  Nervous at first, she started slowly and cautiously stumbled over some words.  But she kept at it and so lost herself in The Candymakers, that she ended up reading a chapter and a half!

When they left we immediately jumped in the car for a 10-day trip.  We’re back now and re-starting our routines.  I miss sharing our days with the girls!   And of all the things we do every day, I will miss reading with Sammy.  She cuddled and read and laughed so generously that I will miss her sweet self poking out from her spot on the bed.


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