Daily Prompt: When I Think of 6…


Photo Credit: Ryan Estes

I will think of this moment.  Leaping.  Ever leaping.   Smiling a new-toothed grin and prancing to your own song.  So full of untarnished joy.

And I will feel great pride.

Not the pride that is arrogant .  But the pride that is “much pleased“.

I am so much pleased to have you for a daughter.

I will think of you making dinner without being asked when Daddy was working and I had to hold poor, sick, JohnJohn, the first to go down with that awful virus you all had.

I will think of you splayed out on the couch reading on your own.  Or playing with Legos.  Or Minecraft.  Or making lists of Dragonvale eggs or Greek Gods.

I will think of your first sleepover.  And how you learned to tie your shoes.

I will think of you consoling Joseph when Minty Orange died.

I will think of you jokingly asking Dad to “tell us the history of steak”.  You’re funny!

I will remember with sweet pleasure, an unfettered, independent and ridiculous dancing green bean.  And in my mind I will dance along with her.

Daily Prompt:  Pat on the Back

Tell someone you’re proud of just how proud you are.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us SUCCESS.


3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: When I Think of 6…

    • Thanks! And thanks for the follow! I can’t take credit though. We hired a photographer to take a big, formal, extended family portrait at our annual beach reunion. Molly just kept dancing off and as I look back on the year, that is one of her signature moves. I hope she always uses it.

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