Popular Mechanics for Kids


Like many other homeschoolers, we are in the car A LOT.  Part of it is that we live in a more rural part of the country.  Part of it is that I really love to travel.   We are always hopping in the car for a jaunt to see new things and we are lucky to live in a part of the country that offers mostly gorgeous, easy driving.  More time to travel is another reason we homeschool.

Awesomely, Molly has hit the age where she likes to bring a book in the car.  Love it!  We also watch a lot of videos.   Although I am still a little conflicted about screen time, I have to admit that there are many high quality programs out there now.  Watching videos during our frequent drives from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (Hey, Yooper friends!) to Milwaukee almost single-handedly taught our two oldest their numbers, alphabet and phonics.  (Unfortunately, this also caused my husband to develop the first documented case of Leapfrog-related post traumatic stress disorder.)

One of our favorite series right now is Popular Mechanics for Kids, which the cool kids in my car call “PMK” for short.  I bought the whole series because we loved them so much.  Honestly, I learn how things work from them too, even though I am just listening.    Each episode has two hosts – – one of them is pre-Old School  Elisha Cuthbert! – – who learn how to do something new each time.  As they learn, you learn.   The topics include everything from special effects to food production to garbage to body mechanics.  There is so much to think about that we end up watching them over and over.

All told there are over 70 episodes in the set.  Check them out from your library or here.


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