Joseph’s Sleepover List


That’s just good sound advice.

We went to the beach with some friends last week.  As we packed up our things after a great day, Molly’s friend invited her for her first sleepover.

My head filled with  “No, no. She doesn’t want to sleep over.  She’s only six.  No.  Nooo.  Nooooo.”

I looked at Molly, who eagerly said, “Yes.  Yes.  Yesssss.  Please?  Yesssss!”

I thought for a moment.  There was no real reason to say no.  I said yes.

Then I went home and packed her overnight bag:  pajamas, clean clothes, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, brush, towel, pillow, bucky (her blanket), three books in case she got bored, a headlamp in case she wanted to read at night, a full water bottle, a new bag of pretzels, three granola bars, aloe in case she got a sunburn that day at the beach, advil for the same reason, ice packs in case she got growing pains overnight, my extra emergency-only cell phone that I usually keep in the car, a family photo from her nightstand and a note telling her we loved her.  I know.   I know.  I forgot to add a MRE, life jacket, and flares.

Joseph added his note on top, which reminded her to poop, pee, and brush her teeth before bed.

I dropped the bag off to her that night.  When I arrived to get her in the morning to find her still in her clothes, teeth unbrushed, I noticed her bag left virtually untouched.   She and her dirty teeth positively beamed with delight.

I guess everything she needed from me she already had.


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