Forget SuperMAN, it’s SuperMOON!

Forget the Man of Steel.  Look up in the sky today/tonight and you’ll see the most super of  “supermoons” of 2013.    That is, the moon is the closest it will get to earth for all of 2013 RIGHT NOW!  What does “supermoon” mean exactly?  Find out here.

The big question we have today is will the tides be higher because of SuperMOON?  Yes!  How does the moon affect the tides?  Molly asked that question too and I didn’t know.  So, I looked it up and found a great explanation that even I could understand here.  Then we enjoyed this very simple explanation of tides using only a cookie, an M&M, an onion, and an orange.

If you are looking for a great moon-related book, check out one of my all-time favorite books, Min-Yo and the Moon Dragon by Elizabeth Hillman.  It’s out of print, so I had to buy it second-hand a few years back after finding it in our library.  Set in China, it opens with the moon “falling” from the sky.  Concerned that the moon is going to crash into the earth, the Emperor of China, after being rejected by some of the wisest and richest men in the land, sends Min-Yo, a young peasant-girl, to ask the Moon Dragon for help.  Min-Yo bravely climbs a cobweb ladder through the darkest and coldest hours of the night to get to the moon.  When she gets there, she discovers the Moon Dragon, who has been all but forgotten.  In befriending him (and giving him nutritious treats instead of diamonds and jewels) Min-Yo learns, along with the Moon Dragon, how to save the earth.  She and the dragon also show one way the stars may have first lit up our skies.

The illustrations alone make it worth getting.  And while it isn’t so rare anymore, it gets extra points for featuring a strong female protagonist.  But that’s not why I love the book.  I just think it’s a magical and sweet story.  Min-Yo made it to my short list when I was thinking of baby girl names 7 years ago!

If you are not feeling academic today and can’t find Min-Yo, but still want to enjoy SuperMOON, then take a listen to Old Blue Eyes.  Here he is live in 1969 paying tribute to the first men on the moon:


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