Professional Development for Homeschoolers

I saved you a seat!

I saved you a seat!

Add to my bucket list taking a course from Coursera, one of several educational technology companies offering massive open online courses (MOOCs).

If you don’t know what a MOOC is yet, you really should click on the link.   Although not perfect (what is?), they are revolutionizing education by giving hundreds of thousands of students from around the world access to free, high-quality academic content (a lot like Khan Academy but on the collegiate level).  And they highlight learning for learnings’ sake even though some courses just received college credit recommendations.  I am starting to wonder if the exorbitant cost of U.S. higher education will be worth it when my kids get to that age!

Coursera works with over 60 schools including Princeton, Stanford and the University of Pennsylvania (and Yale, starting this month!) to offer courses on pretty much any topic you can imagine.   In addition to all the fun courses you can take on art or songwriting or basic writing, or law, or film history, students can now search for courses through the teacher professional development category.

Personally, I would start with Teaching Character and Creating a Positive Classroom, or Moralities of Everyday Life, or Evolution:  A Course for Educators presented by, interestingly, The American Museum of Natural History.

The timing and length of each class is different, as are the rules, so check them out individually.  If I only had more time in the day!


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