Why I am a…

Just trying to find our way

Just trying to find our way

Just because we’re secular homeschoolers doesn’t mean that we don’t talk about religion and faith.  We do.  How could we not?  Religion is all around us.  Plus, whenever possible, we tie in morals and ethics when talking with the kids, no matter what the subject, and Religion has a lot to say about those!

Moreover, my kids (probably like yours) are constantly asking “why”.  “Why” and “how”.  For the biggies (for example, what happens when we die) after sharing our own thoughts, we might also talk about one or more of the major worldviews’ opinion on the subject.   It depends on how the question is asked.  When we do, sometimes I refer to Patheos for perspective.

Although not necessarily useful for young children, I visit Patheos as a resource for credible and balanced information on religion and spirituality.  They offer an impressive amount of information from thoughtful and compelling writers, organized into the following “channels”:










Progressive Christian


Each week, they post dozens of new pieces on a wide variety of topics.

I particularly enjoyed their recent blogger challenge, in which writers answered the question “Why I am a …” in 200 words or less.   Patheos’ assorted contributors wrote summaries on why they each follow their chosen paths.  Check it out, and find something to inspire your family, here.


One thought on “Why I am a…

  1. Hi Jess! Thank you for the link to this site and the “Why I am a …” articles. We are always struggling with finding the answers to the questions our daughter asks (often a humbling experience to realize how little I actually know!) and I think I will find it useful and informative.

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