Have you Ever Seen a Sheep on a Treadmill?

We took a field trip to The NH Farm Museum this past week, where we learned about boiling down sap and how to tap a tree.  We tasted sugar on snow, donuts, and johnny cakes w/maple syrup.  We saw a real blacksmith making metal hooks, chased some chickens (naughty Joseph), and took a horse drawn sleigh ride.

My very favorite part, however, was this sheep on a treadmill:


I wish I could find one of these for my kids.

According to our friends at the Farm Museum,

In addition to their usefulness as wool and meat animals, sheep could be put to work in other ways.  Treadmills like this one were designed in the 19th century to harness energy of a moving sheep, goat, or dog and use it for threshing, churning butter, shelling corn, and other tasks. 

You never know what you are going to learn when you get out there into the big, wide, world!

P.S.  It’s officially NH Maple Weekend!  More than 100 sugar houses in the state will be open and ready for fun.  It’s also Maine Maple Sunday on the 24th.   And Vermont Maple Open House Weekend!  And don’t forget about New York Maple Weekend!  If you’re in Connecticut and looking to visit a sugar house, look here or here for Massachusetts, or here for Rhode Island.  A University of Rhode Island researcher has found over 50 compounds in maple syrup that play an important role in our health. It’s basically a health food.  And now’s the time to get some!


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