A Less Expensive way to hit the Boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ

Anyone heading to Ocean City, New Jersey this summer?  It is truly a wonderful place to spend time with family, especially little kids.  Rentals can be quite reasonable and it is a dry town so it is relatively quiet at night.  The boardwalk is the place to be.  In early morning you see nature lovers, athletes, and lots and lots of parents out with their kids.  In the evening, it’s the same, except everyone is ready for rides!

If you know you will be going, now may be the time to buy your tickets for rides.  They are half price!  Here’s the deal:

Gillian’s Wonderland PierYou can purchase a book of 25 tickets for $10 here.  Tickets are also valid for rides at Gillian’s Funland in Sea Isle City.  And they never expire!

Playland’s Castaway Cove: Books of 40 tickets are $20 here.  These never expire either!

If you prefer to buy your tickets in person, check the websites for details.  We don’t live near there so we plan to buy online.

If you don’t want to go to Ocean City, NJ or don’t need 1/2 price tickets, then please instead enjoy this photo of my awesome husband carrying two of our kids on his shoulders a few years ago on the boardwalk.




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