Let’s go, Spring!


This is me, and your friend Spring, heavy-handedly giving you the green light to grow!

I think my husband might want to make fun of me for this post for its non-specific inspirational style but what the heck.  It’s what I am thinking about today. Feel free to make fun of me as well ;).

It’s the first day of Spring!  A time of new growth.  And life bursting forth.

That goes for you too.

We need to take care of ourselves as parents, as partners, and as individual people.  So today I am going to ask you to take 15 seconds. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath.


Fill your lungs all the way!


And think about what new growth you’re going to see in you this Spring.

Now get out there, people.  And let’s make it a great one!


What do you think?

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