Friends with Secret Talents

I have a friend with a lot of secret talents.  She doesn’t hide them.  She simply doesn’t brag about them.  (Difficult to work “Oh, yes, that painted portrait hanging on the wall is mine.  I mean, by me. ” or “I courted my spouse by coming out of the bedroom by playing the trombone,” into everyday conversation, even if it is awesome.)

How does she do it, especially now that she has three pre-schoolers of her own?

She reminds me that we parents need to find a bit of time to nurture our own interests and talents.  For ourselves.  For our kids.  For our partners.  She is one of the reasons I started writing.

I admire her time management and her vast artistic abilities.  I wish I had more of both!  She started a blog of her own recently using yet ANOTHER talent, and as someone who loves photography and kids,  I pore over every new post.

This week’s:

I love this post because it reminds me of our own nighttime rituals.  And the calm that finally comes as freshly bathed kids sleepily climb into the bed, finally still for a few moments.  Can’t you just smell those clean babies!?  And of course, it reminds me of the beach, where we spend time every year with family and with some of our best friends, making memories.

Do you have friends who inspire you?  Let them know!


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