It’s on, Internet!

I wrote a while back about my “bucket list”.    Number 1 on it was to start a blog and post weekly.  I did that.  And I am really enjoying it.  Yeah for me!

Up until this last week the blog was private.  As I wrote in that bucket list post, I was afraid of failure and that was why, until that post, I hadn’t voiced some of my dreams to anyone (even, really, myself).  Keeping the blog private was a way for me to control the goal.  I mean, how harsh would my two readers be (Hi, Mom and Dad!)?  I really didn’t even tell my closest friends about it until recently.  I didn’t want anyone to judge me or what I wrote.

I am a realistic person.  I understand that even if I made this blog public, I would still probably only have about, oh, 2 loyal readers.  But I also understand that once something is presented to the internet it is out there forever, even if no one cares.

That being said, thanks to my husband, I realized that in keeping the blog private I wasn’t really achieving the original intent of my blogging goal of putting myself out there.  Sure, I wouldn’t be judged.  But I was also missing out on both giving and getting a lot of potential support.  And that is a shame.   We’re all in this together, right?

A month or so ago I caught a bit of a 2012 interview of Lena Dunham by Terry Gross on NPR.  In it Ms. Dunham talks about having so much of her work out there on the internet.  She says:

I’ve sort of just made the decision to be OK with the fact that I’m not going to love everything that I put out into the world, and I kind of go, well, maybe, my hope is oh maybe it’ll sometime be helpful for another young artist to sort of see my development and see the way that it – that I sort of lived out loud a little bit.

I guess that’s my hope too.

I, like my daughter at Christmas, am hoping that what I have opened up is a good thing.

I, like my daughter at Christmas, am hoping that what I have opened up is a good thing.

I am always pushing my kids to take risks and to step outside their comfort zones.  As a parent and role model, shouldn’t I do the same?

And so, finally, at Joe’s urging, I literally hit the button (ok, I clicked it).  And there it is: a PUBLIC blog.  I am excited.  I am nervous.  I am fearful.  Please be kind, internet!

Joe called me the next morning to let me know that I had practically “blown up” the internet with my thoughts!!   What I mean by that is, I had my first non-friend, non-parent related “like”.  And it made my day.

Thanks for the support , IGameMom!


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