Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss, from your Friend at the Waiting Place.

We moved back to the East Coast about 2 ½ years ago.  We’ve been renting a home ever since.  First we waited to see if my husband liked his job.  He did.  For awhile we were waiting to sell our home in the Midwest.  We finally did!  And then we were waiting to find the right town.  After switching towns within the same state, and putting 98 ¾% of all of our belongings in storage for a year (I miss you coffee maker), we did!  Then we were waiting to find the right house in the right price range.  We did!   And now that we found it, we are waiting for a response to our offer.  We have been waiting longer than we had hoped.

After all this time, the waiting is hard.

Wish I could buy this at the store

I don’t need to tell you about the magic that is Dr. Seuss.  We read his books a lot, especially the longer ones because the kids think they are getting away with something delaying bedtime.

The other night as we re-read “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” for the 236th time, Molly pointed out, “Hey, they’re waiting too!”

And we stopped reading and instead talked about all the characters and what silly (and not so silly things) they were waiting for on those waiting place pages.

The waiting place (2)(1)

The Waiting Place seems so much more fun in the book

Joseph chimed in, almost reminiscing (can a 4-year-old reminisce?) about the rest of the book, “Yeah, they’re waiting but then they get to the part where they win!  But what is that thing they hit?  The swump?  Swump?  Sump?”

“SLUMP!,”  Molly yelled.  (Not cool, Molly.  You almost woke the baby.)

“Yeah, the slump.  What’s a slump?”

I explained “slump” and Joseph, with his usual optimism replied, “They’ll get into that slump.  Maybe they can turn around and see their Mom?  Or be friends with some of those other people on the page? They can all wait together until they win. ”

Dr. Seuss, I don’t know why we grabbed that book at that time.  And I don’t know why my kids chose to stop reading at that time.  But I am glad they did.

You, and they, remind me that we all have our own waiting places.  We are not alone.  And that there’s hope.

The Upside of Waiting?

Happy Birthday, you magic man!!  I’m sorry I couldn’t wait until March 2nd to post this.


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