Pretending to be Brave

Actually, this is real bravery.

Learning to fly

Molly is not a major risk taker (unlike some other kids I know, I’m looking at you, Joseph).

That being said, ever since she started swim lessons, and gotten over her initial fear of getting her face wet, she has given her very best to do what her coach asks, even when she is afraid. Well, everything except diving.  She is absolutely terrified of diving.


That is, until today.

No one else showed up for swim team because school was cancelled due to weather.  So, Molly’s coach decided they should tackle diving.  And they did.  For almost an HOUR.  This is the last jump she made before she finally dove in headfirst.  I was there to see her face before she hit the water.  She looked so scared.  And so determined.  And so brave.


What do you think?

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