Egg Carton Seed Starting

Isn’t Molly’s handwriting getting so neat?

Fresh from their successes planting the apple seed and Sue, our avocado plant, and in a flurry of enthusiasm for Spring. the kids have decided to plant new seeds.  They specifically want you to know that they “want to care for the seeds.” And they “want to find out what they’ll look like.”

Molly grabbed some egg cartons out of recycling and washed them out. They dragged me to the store in some very sloppy snow where they each pick out 2 packs of seeds.  And Joseph grabbed our soil.  The really did most of the work themselves.  Molly even paid at the store.

The fun part, after the initial enthusiasm surrounding the purchase of  the seeds, was in comparing how small the poppy seeds are with how large the Nasturtium seeds are.  Oh, and getting our hands dirty as we put each seed exactly where we wanted it to grow.

Also, an additional fun part for me is watching the kids clean up the mess as I write this.


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