What are you Wearing Today?

I am wearing my “momiform,” which, as it is winter, consists of stretchy black leggings I can stick into my snowboots, a long-sleeve turtleneck and a Fleece.  I clean up messes all daylong – – on the floor, all over the house, and all over me.  I am also playing all over the floor all day long.  My momiform makes me feel like I can do anything!


This sort of matches, right?

Back in college it was my running sneakers that made me feel strong and confident.  Well, those and my navy-blue-sweat-pants-that-had-lost-their-string-and-so-were-held-up-by-a-safety-pin.  Oh I miss those.

When I was a practicing attorney I felt my best in a suit that was two sizes too big (I know, I know, it doesn’t even make sense to me anymore).

When I taught in a classroom, I had a few knee length skirts with elastic waistbands that I love, love, loved.

As you may guess, I am usually more into comfort than style.

But I have a daughter who dresses for everything.  She not only chooses outfits for each activity, but also wears as many accessories and as much makeup as I will allow her to get away with (which is not much, I promise, Mom!).

One day last year when we were traveling in the Big City, Molly talked me into hitting the makeup counter at a department store.  I love her enthusiasm.  And, I do love makeovers.  I immediately sat down with a clerk.  As she slathered and brushed and rubbed and combed, I eyed Molly with the other clerk, instinctively squeezing an atomizer at her face with what can only be described as glee.

It was a happy moment.

As I paid for my small purchases, I noticed Molly caressing (yes, caressing) the atomizer.  Her smile glowed over her already rosy cheeks.  I couldn’t help myself.  Even though I knew I was probably manipulated by the staff when they gave my daughter Vol de Nuit Powder Spray, I did it anyway.  I bought it.  As they could have predicted, I just wanted to bring more of that happy feeling home.  In fairness to me, it wasn’t about the spray as much as about watching my unfettered daughter revel in the style of the bottle.  I think I have a lot to learn from her fabulous self!

It was a splurge, for sure.  BUT I am here to tell you (much to my surprise) it was totally worth it!  It turns out I was buying a shimmer powder that sprays on.  You just squeeze the bulb once or twice over your face with your eyes closed and honestly, it’s like wearing a sheet of diamonds. It smells great too.    Most importantly, it makes me feel sparkly and happy, just like my daughter.  I know it is a mental thing, but who cares?

Even in the darkest days and nights of winter when I am cold and crabby and covered with whatever that is on my sleeve – – when I put that spray on my whole mood brightens.  I feel special.  So, that’s what I am wearing today.

What makes you feel special in your life right now?


2 thoughts on “What are you Wearing Today?

  1. What makes me feel special is after watching my daughter do round off, back handspring, back tucks on the mat a zillion times and falling, she finally lands one and immediately starts looking around until her eyes land on me and she lights like a Christmas tree. She gives me a small thumbs up and gets right back in line to learn her next trick. I am positively tearful thinking that I had a part in creating this hard working, disciplined and extremely sassy child.

    PS – I think you forgot to mention the supremely comfortable umbro short/teva phase.!!

    Loved this post – Love Molly’s style – Love you!!!

  2. I love this as well!!!! and i think Gabby and I need to get some of that magic spray!!! What fun:) and I am in the same uniform as you (though I think our way to purchasing a shore home is if we came up with a trendy, comfortable, fashionable, washable line for moms:)

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