Housing Dealbreaker?


Would you buy a house across from a cemetery? 

We are looking at homes to buy and one of our finalists is across the street from our quaint small-New-England-town graveyard.  When we first saw it, we thought nothing of it.  It wasn’t even a factor in looking at the property.  Then, when did think about it, we agreed it was kind of cool.  When asked what she thought about it, Molly responded “well, it would be nice to keep them company”.  I agree.  Plus, Joe and I think it’s a nice reminder not to sweat the small stuff and to try to live every day the best that we can.

However, we are concerned about reselling the home should we ever need to.  Thus, Joe is on the phone right now with one of our best friends who is, how shall I say this, very different from us.  She says there is no way in hell she would live across from a graveyard.  I think the exact quote was “No way.  But of course you freaks think it’s a nice thing.”  

So, here is a choose your own adventure for today: do you buy the home across from the cemetery or not?  Why or why not?


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