A Reminder to Prepare for and Expect Good Things

It’s Advent, and we are using it as a time to prepare for and expect good things!  The kids and I came up with a homemade advent calendar this year and we are using it to focus on being grateful for all that we have and as a daily reminder to try to do good things for others (plus, we are getting some pretty awesome candy out of the deal;)).  Here is what we did:

We took 24 2 oz. plastic lidded condiment cups purchased at the grocery store.


We filled them with candy that I saved from Halloween (way to think ahead, Mommy!).


Covered them with Holiday cupcake liners and numbered them for the first 24 days of December as well as a code that gave us something to do each day.


And glued them in the shape of a tree to cardboard covered with green plastic gift wrap.


We added a star at the top with a key for the codes we used.  The codes include giving a big fat smooch to someone else, giving someone a hug, telling someone that you love them, talking about something that you are grateful for, and helping someone with something big or small.


Once the tree was dry the kids decorated it with bells, ribbon and stickers and then we we put it above the fireplace where we have been tearing into it every day!


This activity was fun because aside from telling the kids that I wanted to make a calendar and giving them a bunch of craft supplies, we all worked together to decide how it would look.  The kids counted out the cups for the layout and chose a star shape for the top.  The candy was my idea but Molly came up with the idea for the things to do each day.  I really love how she built on our “ThanksGiving” tree from November (which entailed putting some small tree limbs in a vase and each day cutting out a new leaf upon which we wrote something we did for something else, as well as something we were grateful for, and then hanging them on the “tree”).

Aside from a fun activity, this activity has served to remind us that good things take effort and that it really is a good thing to hope for and dream of those good things every day! 

Merry Christmas!


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