A Wonderful “Franksgiving” Lesson from The National Constitution Center

National Constitution Center

We visited The Constitution Center the last time we were in Philadelphia.  It was a wonderful place, although not really geared for little guys.  I loved it though and am so happy it is accessible to us when we visit family.  The Center is very supportive of homeschoolers and, even with my law degree, I learn so much from the e-mails and links they send out.  Today I watched their video on The History of Thanksgiving with the kids.  Both my 6 AND 4 year old sat still for all it!  We all learned a lot, and the kids were especially tickled by the fact that the participants ate goose instead of Turkey and that they did not have much sugar for luxuries like cranberry sauce.  They also enjoyed the story of Franksgiving, as did I, as I had not known about it.  You’ll have to watch the video yourself to find out what happened.   It will be 20 minutes well spent.

Before you do, check out the Discussion Questions they posted:

Discussion Questions

Before You Watch
  1. What does Thanksgiving mean to you? What does it mean to the United States?
  2. What do you know about the first Thanksgiving?
  3. What does Thanksgiving have to do with other holidays?
  4. What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?
  5. What can Thanksgiving tell us about being active citizens?
After You Watch
  1. What brought the Pilgrims to the New World? How did they behave when they arrived?
  2. What kinds of foods were being eaten at the first Thanksgiving, and who provided them?
  3. Where did Thanksgiving have its origins, and how did it become a national holiday? Think particularly about how it grew over the years, instead of at one single moment.
  4. How have we changed the way we celebrate Thanksgiving over time?
  5. Can you name some Thanksgiving traditions which you weren’t aware of?

What do you think?

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