Teaching How to Tell Time

We made paper plate clocks this week.  Can you guess which one was made by the mom, which by the 6-year-old and which by the 4-year-old?

This was a spontaneous activity that we started to help figure out how to count the minutes in an hour.  Behind the first paper plate with the hash marks cut is a count, by fives, of the minutes behind each number.  We keep them at the kitchen counter and each day we talk about when we do things and then the kids find those times on the clocks.  So, we are not only learning how to tell time but also when we actually do things.  Before this the kids had no idea!

Aside from the fact that the little guy joined in, what I loved most about this project was that the kids decided to decorate their plates.  I just love seeing what is important in their worlds right now and I am happy to say I made the cut for both of them!


What do you think?

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