Optimism pays

Growing up, avocados were very expensive and so they were a real treat when we had them. I have very fond memories of my mom, on special occasions, taking out the pit as she cut up the lush green fruit and telling us that we could grow our own. Once the stone was free she would stick toothpicks in the sides and lay the whole thing over a glass of water. And then we would wait. We never grew an avocado plant. Somehow roots and leaves never grew. It didn’t matter though because we would just try all over again the next time we had something to celebrate.

Molly and I were cutting up avocadoes recently and as I told her about my Mom’s optimism, she suggested we try to grow our own. Although pessimistic, I wanted to encourage my daughter. And wouldn’t you know it, we have an avocado plant growing! I call it Sue to honor my mom.



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