My Birthday Bucket List

Turning the camera on me.

Every day my children wake up to a world of possibility.  They are fearless to dream – – in part because of the daily variety homeschooling offers, in part because they seem to be optimists by nature unfettered by the worries of the world, and in part because they still have vivid imaginations.  The BEST part, though, is that they really believe that their dreams will come true!  Molly will just as soon talk about when her art will be hosted in a museum (a gallery is also acceptable) as to discuss which book to read at night.  Joseph just this morning talked about living “warmly” when he is a professional tennis player.  It is a wonder to witness.  Watching them has made me wonder:  are all children optimists and if so, how do we become pessimists, like myself?  Moreover, how can I get that freedom to dream back?  And, lastly, how does this sun lover get to live warmly too?

I am writing this on my birthday and so I have decided to give myself a little present.  I am going to dream.  Just for a few minutes.  The reality is I’m short on time and long on fear of failure.  I am afraid of hoping out loud.  I am afraid I’ll be judged for my dreams.  By whom?  Why?  I don’t know.  Aren’t I’m old enough to know that it really doesn’t matter what other people think of me?  Or is it that I am such a judger myself (ENTJ) that I am afraid of my own harsh eye.  Enough with the excuses and fears.  Here goes!

  1. Well, this is one of them.  Start a blog and post weekly.
  2. Take a photography class.
  3. Take a writing class.
  4. Become a published author.
  5. Edit others’ work (wow, now that is beyond geeky, especially for a bucket list).
  6. Homeschool my children.
  7. Respond to someone else’s blog.  I am such a lurker. I need to stop doing that.
  8. Run a 5k in 2012-2013 with my daughter and son.
  9. Travel, travel, travel!
  10. To live “warmly” ;).

What about you?


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