Getting outside is Good!

I grew up in suburbia so for most of my life the place I felt most comfortable to roam was a mall.  I admit, my working definition of  “fun in nature” still includes temperatures between about 75 to 80 degrees without wind or precipitation.  If there is a crystal blue chlorinated pool nearby, preferably with a swim up bar, all the better!

That being said, we have been out of the burbs as well as the city for over a decade now and even though I still have to will myself to do it sometimes, getting outside with real trees and grass and even wind and bugs and rain or snow just feels really good.  My kids, who have only known nature as a playground include getting outside as a natural part of their days.  Our yard and the trails near our house are just another living space to them.  They are not hung up about getting dirty or having bugs on them or even being cold.  They have not learned to fear bugs or to think they are gross, which I do consider a good thing.  They are curious and content in the outside world and so one of the benefits of homeschooling is that we are free most of the time to get outside whenever the mood strikes us.  And speaking of mood, no matter when we do it, the end result is always and I mean ALWAYS a more relaxed, calmer, and happier child and adult.

So here is my hope for today:  I am hoping, especially if we stay living and homeschooling where we are, that a long term benefit will be less stress and anxiety and more optimism and happiness for my kids(even if it means some grody times for me ;)).

JohnJohn deciding where to go next.


One thought on “Getting outside is Good!

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