Apples, Apples, Apples

It has been an idyllic Fall here in New England and so our latest outdoor adventures have included lots of apple picking.  I’m embarrassed to admit that I had never been apple picking before this year.  It turns out hanging out at an orchard is fun for kids of all ages.  While Molly and Joseph pick to their hearts’ content, JohnJohn loves to roam around sorting the “drops” (i.e., trying to eat them and then when I shoo them away he throws them in irritation).  An added bonus: Molly has taken it upon herself to cut an apple open and diagram it.  And we ALL learned, as I had to look up the parts of the apple as she asked me to spell them to ensure she was doing it right!  I love self-directed learning!

Another bonus:  Joseph wanted to plant the seeds and so even though I, the girl from Suburbia, was skeptical (I mean really, do apples actually grow on trees?  And the ones that do, can you actually eat them??), we planted them and now have our first sprout!

We did some apple fraction work by cutting up the apples and then I let the kids make Apple Muffins, which were yummy.



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