Our work-in-progress curriculum

As I am not yet sure what kind of homeschoolers we will be (i.e., eclectic, unschooling, classical), and as  I am still a little nervous about making sure I actually educate my kids at least as well as the State would (whatever that means), I plan to use various workbooks and curricula as well as a schedule of goals to complete until Christmas.  Then we will reevaluate.

As far as curricula and schedules go, my current working plan is that we will have subjects with assigned written work and activities to do on a weekly basis.  I have divided up the work I would like us to cover and will make a list of it.  As it is completed, we will check it off.  I really don’t care if we do it all each week, or when we do it, as long as we are making progress.  Also, I don’t really care if we do every single subject every single week.  If we really get into a subject, I’d like to take the time to enjoy it. We will join the local public school for what they call “specials”, which include art, music, and a program with Tin Mountain Conservation Center, which is a nature and science special.  I would also like to take some field trips to visit family and to attend homeschool classes/camps in NY and Philly when it is convenient.

Here is a tentative list of what we plan to use:


Singapore Mathematics Primary Math Standards Edition 1A

Dreambox on-line interactive math program

Our local public school uses Everyday Mathematics and the first grade teacher there kindly gave us a copy of the book they will be using so I am having Molly complete the first workbook before we start Singapore Math


Mudpies and Magnets, which has been great for experiments with both Molly and Joseph

Singapore Science Child’s Play Science K , for when Joseph is joining us

Singapore Science Earlybird Start-up Science 1-2.

Molly will also join the school for a special with Tin Mountain Conservation Center each week


I plan to let Molly read whatever books she likes and am buying her a scanner to scan them to enter them into a book organization database so we can track what she reads.  That seems to me more fun than assigning work.  Plus, she gets to use a real scanner!  We are trying out databases now.  I’ll update this when we commit to one.

Reading for the Gifted Student Grade 1, a pretentious name but the work in the book is quality nonetheless

The Complete Writer: Level 1 Workbook for Writing with Ease

SRA Reading Labs 2.0

Real life writing of letters, lists and signs, etc.


The Story of the World, Volume 1: Ancient Times


First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind, Level 1

Evan-Moor Grammar and Punctuation Grade 1


Evan-Moor K-2 Beginning Geography


Swim lessons, tennis lessons, soccer team and running just because Molly loves it!


Drawing with Children

Sketch Tuesdays with Harmony Art Mom, although I don’t think we will be submitting our work to the website right away

Molly will also join the school for art each week


Lollipop Logic

Logic Safari Book 1

Detective Club


D’Aulaires Book of Greek Myths

Buddha at Bedtime

Philosophy for Kids: 40 Fun Questions that Help you Wonder About Everything!

I am still looking for foreign language options.  Molly loved French and Spanish class in the past so I that is a top priority to find again.

So, that is the list of materials that we will start with this year.  It is, of course, not inclusive but I am trying not to go overboard with purchases.   I will add and remove books as we go along.  I am hoping as I get more confident and less susceptible to outside criticism of our choices that we will become less regimented and didactic.  After, all the idea is to have fun and to feel free while getting a real education.


What do you think?

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